ezSerno Products

Yukon, Bering and Pacific

New ProductSerno Solutions has been working closely with Chinese State Foods and Drug Administration (SFDA) and its Drug Admin application developer Zhongxin Corporation to develop a module that can easily integrate SAP Auto-ID Enterprise (AIE) serialization solution with SFDA network. For more details, please contact us here.

ezSerno® is a suite of products designed to help implement serialization in the most efficient and effective way. Its adaptive architecture allows easy integration with other business systems and services. Especially, its Profile-Based Adaptivity (PBA) provides configurable capabilities to change a user screen, or extend an interface data elements. It utilizes the latest java technologies, such as OSGi, Spring, Camel, CXF, ActiveMQ, and so on, to form a platform-independent, database-independent, Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) system with high performance.

eSerno has mainly three different products to manage data flows from different levels within the supply chain business processes:

  • Yukon (The River) is a line-level system. It provides extensive integration to devices and other operational line level systems. It manages and controls various devices through its Device Management Framework (DMF), collects and filters data from these devices and operators, and then transforms it into meaningful and actable business contexts at real time. Yukon provides touch-screen based desktop user interface and web based mobile user interface.
  • Bering (The Sea) is a site or plant-level system. It receives and consolidates data from different Yukon systems, and based on its business contexts, executes corresponding business processes, including sending commands back to Yukon, updating database, executing business transactions in its back-end ERP system, communicating with other systems and so on. Bering provides a web-based user interface.
  • Pacific (The Ocean) is an enterprise-level system, serving as the ultimate data repository where interactive business analytic reports can be build. It is a GS1 certified system that captures and shares serialization information with other external systems using EPCIS interfaces. Pacific provides a web-based user interface.


These three products have the following common features:

  • A transaction can be easily deployed into the products' platform as a plug-in.
  • Transactions are controlled by role-based access.
  • The user interface supports multiple languages.
  • A user can personalize the screens with different themes, languages, and other UI specific settings.
  • Most of the screens have PBA features built in, and can be easily adapted via configurations.
  • External systems (such as SAP ECC, AII, IBM, other WM, IM or SCM systems) can be easily integrated into PBA-based transactions.

Deployment Options

Based on the actual business environment and requirements, an implementation can choose to have one of the following deployment options, including the default structure with Yukon (Y), Bering (B) and Pacific (P) systems separated:

  • 3-layer: Y, B and P Suitable for large companies with plants/Distribution Centers at multiple sites.
  • 2-layer: (Y+B) and P Designed for wholesales and retailers with small-scale sites (stores) and a central repository.
  • 2-layer: Y and (B+P) A great option for single-site self-managed companies
  • 1-layer: (Y+B+P) The best for independent operations, such as an independent store, a doctor office, etc.


ezSerno also has a Config & Admin Tool (CAT) that helps an administrator user to make configuration changes and maintain master data for a local ezSerno instance. Please visit CAT Demo page for its detailed features.


To request a demo user account, please use our Contact form, or send an email to: inquiry@sernosolutions.com