Config & Admin Tool (CAT)

Config & Admin Tool is designed for system administrators to configure and manage a local ezSerno instance. It can be used to perform the following tasks:

  • Configure instance parameters
  • Configure application parameters, and manage any other schema-based configuration files
  • Manage master data, such as product, users, roles, profiles, etc.
  • Maintain languages and texts
  • View change logs for master data
  • View and manage ezSerno services
  • View and manage messaging queues

Here are some screenshots demonstrating the main functionalities in CAT.

Instance Properties

Manage and maintain Instance type, name, default language, database connection, upstream server and services. It can be automatically extended by changing the instance schema.

Instance properties


Different configuration files, such as application parameters, processing rules and so on, can be added to the maintenance list. Maintenance View is automatically generated based the configuration schema.

Configuration list

Master Data

New Master Data can be added to the maintenance list. Different icon can be assigned to each master data. And relationship between different master data tables can be defined.

Master data list

For each master data table and its related tables, data can be maintained in a consistent way. Records can be easily added, edited, copied or even imported from a different database (e.g. from parent or sister system). The displayed list can also be filtered so that relevant data can be quickly located.

Master data maitenance view


ezSerno user interfaces support multiple languages. A new language can be added to the support list, and its corresponding language can be maintained in a consolidated view.

Language list

Static texts are maintained in properties files, and dynamic texts are stored in the database. For easy development and extension, messages can be maintained in properties files and then imported into the database later to imporve performance.

Language maintenance view

ezSerno Services Management

ezSerno services are deployed to Fuse ServiceMix server. From CAT, its management console can be accessed to start, stop, view or re-deploy any service running on the Fuse server.\ Server runtime logs can be also view via this console.

ezSerno Services Console

Messaging Queues

ezSerno utilizes ActiveMQ to queue messages for its asynchronous services. The queue management console can be accessed in this view, where queues can be monitored, viewed and reprocessed.

Master data list

Change Logs

For any changes in Master Data, a log will automatically added to the change log for auditing purpose. The change log view will allow you to view the change history for a particular master data table, or a user.

Master data list


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